Sharon White is well known throughout New England as a leading dance instructor, with accolades from teachers, students, and professionals alike. She has been studying and teaching dance since the age of 5, developing particular expertise in jazz and tap. Her teachers include such local luminaries as Grace Bates of Cambridge, Bill Fowler of Medford, and Karen Bernard of Winchester. In describing her art, Sharon explains, “Even though I’ve been dancing nearly all my life, I realized about six years ago that I truly have a passion for teaching- that’s really what I love to do. It’s incredibly rewarding to take my students, be they children or adults, all the way from learning the basics, starting with instructions with warm-ups, then progressing to rhythm patterns to create simple routines, and finally advancing to a full composed dance routine. I encourage students to practice daily- those students that do will advance much faster. As I help the students gain confidence while developing a dance level of competence, I always want my students to have fun learning.